How To Wear Skinny Jeans

by MomGrind

How to wear skinny jeans? The common answer: with a long top that hits at hip level or below. An empire waist top is good if you’re curvy, otherwise go with a long, body-skimming top. You can tuck them into boots, wear them with heels, or – if you’re very slim – with flats.

But there’s a second answer to the question “how to wear skinny jeans?”- my own answer: how about not wearing them at all? I mean, do we HAVE to wear anything that’s currently “in” even if it doesn’t flatter our figure?

When I first heard about skinny jeans, I assumed they make you look skinny. I was wrong. The jeans are cut “skinny,” or narrow, and end in a small leg opening. This does not mean that you would actually appear skinny in them: skinny jeans tend to make your thighs look bigger. You can look fabulous in this cut if you have a stick figure and narrow hips. Most of us don’t.

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What would be a better choice for most moms (most women in fact)?

In my opinion, the best women jeans have a slightly flared leg or boot cut style, combined with a moderately low-rise waist. This is the most flattering jean style for most body types. It enhances the length of the legs, and the flare balances the width of the thigh.

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The low rise should be a SLIGHT low rise to be truly flattering and comfortable. You DON’T want to look like this when you sit down:

Photo credit: Malingering

How To Wear Skinny Jeans? My personal advice, if they don’t flatter your figure, is not to wear them at all. Get rid of them and make room in your closet for more flattering styles.

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