How Important Is Your Wedding Ring?

by MomGrind

Lost Wedding Ring

Are you emotionally attached to your wedding ring? What would you do if you had lost it?

I was quite surprised to see this flier posted on several neighborhood trees. I had lost my wedding ring several years ago, and it never occurred to me to go out of my way to find it. It was an inexpensive, simple, white-gold band. I didn’t even bother wearing it all that often.

I still don’t bother wearing my replacement wedding ring most days. I just don’t attach that much emotional significance to my ring. It seems to me that the strength of my marriage has nothing to do with this, or any other, symbol.

What about you? Is your wedding ring important to you? Do you wear it every day? And if you ever lost it, would you be willing to pay a reward that’s higher than the rings’ actual worth to the person who finds it?

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