Three Random Things

by MomGrind


TW of Retro-Food tagged me for the Three Random Things meme.

I’m supposed to post 3 random things about myself, link to her and tag 5 other bloggers.

Even though Naomi seems to dislike memes, and I normally tend to listen to her, I will play along.

My three random things:

1. I was born and raised in Israel.

2. I prefer writing to speaking English, because I am self-conscious about my foreign accent. Of course, I am also self-conscious about my English grammar, but not as much as I am about my accent.

3. Although my kids are already 6 and 8, I am still shocked at how motherhood has changed everything.

I am tagging:
Dan – artiphys
Denise – Flamingo House happenings
Zandria – Keep Up With Me
Karen – Sassymonkey

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