Sexism in Social Media

by MomGrind


This lovely graffiti was forwarded to my Facebook account countless times. I deleted most of them. It’s one of several notorious Facebook chain letters and spam messages that just keep endlessly circulating in that contained little universe.

When a guy spams his entire friend list with a sexist message, I can take it as another proof that men are childish.

But when a woman hits forward, instead of deleting something like this right away, it makes me a little sad, and it also makes me wonder, what causes women to accept sexism as entertaining, or worth sharing, or even remotely acceptable.

A female friend told me yesterday that feminism apparently caused me to entirely lose my sense of humor. She thinks it’s a harmless, entertaining image and can’t see what’s so wrong with forwarding it.

I think it’s sexist, demeaning and offensive. I have yet to see a similar graffiti, portraying a man in a comparable position, being mass-forwarded to thousands of Facebook accounts.

What do you think? Have I lost my sense of humor? Is this social media sexism completely harmless?

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