Vintage Flight Attendant Uniforms: Sexy? Sexist??

by MomGrind

flight-attendant-uniform-1Photo credit: Will Kane

Ah, the glamor of air travel.

Frumpy, tired passengers wearing wrinkled clothes. Screaming babies and restless kids. Overworked flight attendants. Long security lines where you get to TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF and walk barefoot on the filthy floor! Financially struggling airlines that levy extra charges for everything.

If you miss the good old days, when pretty flight attendants served cocktails and a smile to sophisticated travelers, consider this:

“According to a spokesman at Southwest Airlines of Texas in 1973, when stewardesses were interviewed for jobs, he started with their legs and worked up to their faces.”
Airline: Identity, Design and Culture by Keith Lovegrove.

flight attendant uniforms

“In stark contrast (often to the point of prudishness) shown by most airlines to that date, in 1973 Southwest Airlines threw caution to the winds with its stewardess uniform. ‘The girls must be able to wear kinky leather boots and hot pants or they don’t get the job,’ said the airline’s male bosses.” Airline: Identity, Design and Culture by Keith Lovegrove.

Yup, those were the days.

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