Profanity in Blogs: How Do You Feel About It?

by MomGrind

How do you feel about profanity?

I sometimes THINK profanity, but I can never say it, let alone WRITE it. In fact, profanity makes me so uncomfortable, that when a regular reader of this blog, that I happen to really like, used mild profanity in a recent comment, I emailed him and asked for his permission to edit his comment and remove the offensive part.

Some bloggers seem to be quite comfortable inserting the occasional (or frequent) profanity into their blog posts. A few fairly recent examples are these posts by Naomi Dunford, Heather B. Armstrog, Sweetney, and Dave Navarro.

According to the hilarious blog Cuss-O-Meter, MomGrind’s “Cuss Level” is LOW. “0% of the pages on MomGrind contain cussing. This is 100% LESS than other websites who took this test.”


The Cuss-O-Meter reports that the average percentage of pages that contain profanity, for all the websites that have taken the Cuss-O-Meter, is 9%.

Zoe was disappointed with her low score.

I am not exactly disappointed, since I pretty much anticipated these results.

But I wonder. If there’s a tool for measuring profanity levels, maybe there’s a tool that automatically inserts profanity in strategic places? If I use such a tool, I’d be able to spice things up over here with a little profanity, without having to actually TYPE IT DOWN while blushing and choking, so to speak, on my own words. And then maybe I wouldn’t be authoring a PG-rated blog anymore. I’m not necessarily aiming for R, but PG-13 would be nice.

I was curious to see how the Cuss-O-Meter rated other sites. When I wrote the first draft for this post, a few weeks ago, Dooce’s “Cuss Level” was HIGH at 15.7%. Now it is down to LOW, with 14.5% of the pages containing profanity. All those mild posts about stuff she bought in Canada are likely to blame.

Sweetney’s cuss level remains HIGH at 24.6%.

IttyBiz, on the other hand, is a mystery: when I first checked, it was at 94.2%, which meant that 94.2% of the pages on IttyBiz contained profanity. I thought that was impressive. But I just checked it again, and it is now at 100.5%, which means that around 100.5% of the pages on IttyBiz contain profanity. To me, it seems like a math miracle.

blog cuss o meter

No wonder I enjoy IttyBiz so much.

How do you feel about profanity, in blogs and in general? Do you use it in your own blog? When you see it in other blogs, do you find it refreshing and funny, or distasteful and offensive?

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