Papier-Mache, Connectiveness and Seinfeld

by MomGrind


My friend E. took this photo of a paper mache mannequin on Madison avenue, New York. She took it with her iPhone, then emailed it to me. Needless to say, I immediately asked for her permission to post it here. It’s GORGEOUS, isn’t it?

I also thought to myself, that just a few short years ago, we couldn’t have done this. She would have taken the picture with her non-digital camera, and if I were lucky, I would get a print of the photo a few weeks later. Times sure have changed.

I love how fast and connected the modern world is, even if the fast pace is sometimes tiring.

Another random thought: “Paper mache” made me think about the Seinfeld episode where George dumps his pretentious girlfriend. Remember that one?

George tells her, “The truth? You want the truth?… It IS your earrings! It IS your chopsticks! But it’s so much more than that! You’re pretentious! You call everybody by their full name! You called my doorman Sammy “Samuel”! But you didn’t even say “Samuel”, you said it “Samuelle”! Papier-mache? WHAT is pah-pee-ay-mache?”

I stopped watching TV a couple of years ago. Just lost interest. But I do miss Seinfeld.

Do you watch television? Are you happy with your TV-watching habits? Do you consider it a huge waste of time, or a legitimate tool for winding down and relaxing?

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