Internet Safety: Did I Go Too Far?

by MomGrind

Vered DeLeeuw

That’s me, last week, in Park Guell, Barcelona.

I just spent three weeks visiting family in Israel, and taking advantage of Israel’s proximity to Europe for a short trip to Barcelona.

I never told you about my vacation. Instead, I said I was going to be busy for a while, and blog less.

I decided to keep my vacation a secret because of this post, that teaches internet safety and says that one should never disclose on the Internet that their house is going to be empty.

It was difficult not to share my adventures with you. I do plan to publish a couple of short posts about my vacation – there were a few things that I saw and experienced that sparked some thoughts that I would like to share with you – but I really wanted to tell you about it while it was happening.

I especially wanted to tweet stuff, and held myself back with great difficulty.

What do you think? Was I being too careful?

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