A Taste of Barcelona (Photos, Some Of Them Gross)

by MomGrind


This photo of lamb heads, taken at Barcelona’s Mercat De La Boqueria, might be gross, but we actually had great food in Barcelona.

If you ever go there, and are into food at all, you should visit Comerc24. We’ve eaten in plenty of fabulous restaurants before, including 3-Michelin-stars restaurants in Paris, yet found this Barcelona restaurant to be so good that we came back the next day. If you go, trust the chef and order the tasting menu. It is full of surprises – in a good way.

Back to Mercat De La Boqueria. It’s like your local farmers market, only way bigger. You can get everything here, including fresh produce, eggs, fish and meat. There’s also candy, breads and baked goods. The meat section is a bit hard to stomach for most Americans, as the photos amply demonstrate. But it was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to go back.


A Candy Display


Skinned Piglets


A Fruit Stand


Skinned Rabits



Are you a foodie? Are good restaurants a big part of your vacations? Do you make room in your budget for trying out new restaurants with talented chefs? Do you live to eat, or are you the eat-to-live type who views food as no more than fuel?

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