Media Portrayal Of Women

by MomGrind

I was standing at the duty free store in San Francisco International Airport, looking for books and snacks. We had a couple of hours to kill before our flight. When I noticed my daughters were staring at a large display of magazines, I looked up to see the display too. What I saw made me so MAD, I had to share it with you.

Now, yes, I am very much a feminist, and many of you are likely not (now I’m curious. Female or male, are you a feminist? Please share in the comments). But take a look at the way women are portrayed in these magazines – then take a look at the way men are portrayed. See the difference?


Women are presented as half-naked, ready and willing sexual objects.

women in magazines

women in magazines

women in magazines


Men look strong and powerful, whether they are fully dressed in a business suit or more exposed (but never as exposed as the women).

men in magazines

men in magazines.JPG


My 8 years old daughter said this image in particular bothered her. She was uncomfortable because the model was half-naked:

women in magazines


The contrast between the way each gender is presented by the media was especially striking here, because these two magazines were placed next to each other at the store:

women and men in magazines

Feminist or not… I hope you can see the problem here.

Do you?

PS. In case you were wondering, when I started taking these photos, the other customers at the store looked at me like I was a madwoman. However, despite my worries, the police did NOT appear out of nowhere to question me or take away my camera. I read that in today’s panicky atmosphere, innocent photographers are sometimes harassed by law enforcement people. But I was left alone despite my weird behavior.

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