Correct Your Nose Without Operation!

by MomGrind

Source: The Toronto Daily Star, April 22, 1916. Image credit: jbcurio

The text of this 1916 ad says:

In this age, attention to your appearance is an absolute necessity if you expect to make the most out of life. Not only should you wish to appear as attractive as possible for your own self-satisfaction, which is alone well worth your efforts, but you will find the world in general judging you greatly, if not wholly, by your looks.

Therefore, it pays to look your best at all times. Permit no one to see you looking otherwise. It will injure your welfare! Upon the impression you constantly make rests the failure or success of your life. Which is to be your ultimate destiny?

My new nose-shaper corrects ill-shaped noses without operation, quickly, safely and permanently.


The ad raises several issues. Among them, the importance of looks; truth in advertising; and advertisers that attempt to manipulate the consumer’s emotions and vulnerabilities for making profit.

I found it interesting that the issues that we are facing today were present almost 100 years ago. Indeed, there’s nothing new under the sun.

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