10 Funny Ads

by MomGrind

Funny ads? Perhaps, but these ads are so bad, they probably had the opposite effect on the consumer than what the advertisers had intended.

Some of these ads are old, some are new. Apparently, bad advertising and uninspired copy writing are timeless.

1. Sausage
This should be enough to turn anyone into a vegetarian, and certainly would NOT make me (a non-vegetarian) buy this particular sausage.

sausage-adPhoto credit: krizsa

2. Gillette

Photo credit: krizsa

3. Cigarettes
This one is probably a play on the classic Laugh-In line: “Blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere.”(1968)

cigarette-vintage-adImage credit: krizsa

4. Milk
Is this a convincing argument for drinking milk? Not only is the concept not a very good one, but the copy writing is strange too.

drink-milk-adImage credit: caffeina

5. Harry’s Bread
Harry’s Bread tagline is “Nice and Soft“, so it’s obvious what they were trying to do here. It is so soft that she can comfortably sleep on it. But does it make you want to EAT that bread?

harrys-bread-adImage credit: Tomas

6. FIM Financial Services
This Swedish Finnish ad for an investment company says “Sure you can smell your way to money. We’ll tell you how”. Thanks Norwegian Guy and Anton for providing the correct translation, and Silja for clarifying that the ad is from Finland.

fim-adImage credit: gruntzooki

7. Online news
According to Kate, who posted this on Flickr, this is a Sydney subway ad for online news. She adds, “I’m not sure it makes a compelling argument.” I agree!

bizarre-adImage credit: Kate Raynes-Goldie

8. Bursa Kebab
Bursa Kebab is a restaurant in San Francisco. I’ve never eaten there, and I can’t say that this ad makes me want to.

bursa-kebabImage credit: Paul Schreiber

9. Capital One
Regardless of the current financial chaos, does this ad make you want to move your banking needs to Capital One?

capital-one-adImage credit: jarek69

10. Vitalis
He looks SO CUTE with his tousled hair. After applying Vitalis, he looks like a freak.

vitalis-adImage credit: jbcurio

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