Creepy Costumes

by MomGrind

chucky-costumePhoto credit: Jesse
Creepy costumes for Halloween: it took me some time to figure out how she did this Chucky costume – at first I thought it was photoshopped – but then I realized she’s closing her eyes and the fake eyes were painted on her closed lids.

horse-costumePhoto credit: Ben Alman
The head looks a little too real, especially at first glance.

face-maskPhoto credit: Jared Zimmerman
There’s something creepy about those eyes and about the combination of a real face and a mask that looks almost real.

jeeves-costumePhoto credit: piperkinsvater
This is perhaps cheating, because it’s actually a mannequin, but it’s so CREEPY, I had to include it here.

creepy-costume1Photo credit: Brent and Marilynn
A creepy costume!

creepy-costume2Photo credit: Jacob Barss-Bailey
Not the creepiest but a little strange and definitely very original.

dog-costumePhoto credit: mattbatt
This one actually makes me a little sad for the dog.

teethPhoto credit: Ben Brown
Despite being photoshopped, this one is awesome – and creepy.

My little girls? Princesses, of course.

Happy Halloween. 🙂

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