I Love San Francisco

by MomGrind


Where do you live?

Why are you there? Is it by full choice (because you love it there), or did work or family ties dictate your choice to live there?

These tweets got me thinking. I came to the San Francisco Bay Area because of work. My husband got a job offer in the Silicon Valley so we moved here. It’s been almost ten years since we came here, and I’m slowly realizing that I love San Francisco and would be heartbroken if we ever had to leave.

The photo above was taken on a bright, sunny Saturday morning. The kids were on a play date so my husband and I had a few hours to ourselves. We had lunch at The Slanted Door followed by a leisurely stroll around the Ferry Building and the Embarcadero. There was a bustling Farmer’s Market, and street vendors selling art. The air was fresh and cool. The city was absolutely gorgeous.

San Francisco is a beautiful city, but most of all, I enjoy the people. I like that the people here are so diverse. I enjoy the fact that there are so many ethnicities and cultures here. That people generally mind their own business and don’t try to force their opinions down each other’s throat. I like seeing gays holding hands openly without fear of being harassed. I like that the city is almost 100% smoke-free. I like that people jog and bike and exercise and take care of themselves. I like that people tend to smile at each other rather than frown.

Of course, there are things that I don’t like about San Francisco.

Not surprisingly, I don’t like the fog:

San Francisco covered in a blanket of fog, as seen from Sausalito

I actually don’t mind the cool weather because it’s nice that it is so mild year-round. I find it pleasant. But the fog tends to be annoying. I don’t like the fact that the city goes to sleep early. Most restaurants and cafes close by 10pm. Even bars and clubs tend to close by midnight. Unlike Tel Aviv or New York, San Francisco is a city that sleeps. A lot.

What about you? What do you like most about where you live and what do you like least? If you prefer not to disclose your exact location on the Internet, maybe you can share your country, or state, of residence.

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