Vintage Ads: Desperate Housewives

by MomGrind

Women in vintage ads, especially from the fifties, seem to have a strong emotional reaction to their home appliances and cleaning detergents.

sos-adImage credit: Miss Retro Modern

While the woman above looks, err, INTENSE, the one below has a dreamy look in her eyes as she lovingly talks about her… bath towels.

vintage-ad1Image credit: jbcurio

This woman is mesmerized by the color choices of her new fridge:

vintage-fridge-adImage credit: bayswater97

This one, from Sweden, has a slightly manic appearance:

detergent-adImage credit: jaykayess

And the lady below appears to be ECSTATIC about the cleaning power of her laundry detergent:

Image credit: Miss Retro Modern

Finally, the lady on the left scares the hell out of me with her deranged look:

fifties-housewifeImage credit: bayswater97

Since it was quite common for depressed fifties housewives to use alcohol, cigarettes and tranquillizers to cope with life:

nervine-adImage credit: Joan TheWlis

The women in these vintage ads may simply be heavily sedated.

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