Funny Christmas Ads

by MomGrind

In case you were at a loss as to what would make your loved ones happy this holiday season, allow me to make a few suggestions, inspired by fifties-era Christmas ads, from advertisers who were clearly out of their minds.

A bathroom scale

No other gift says “I care about you” quite like a bathroom scale.

Ladies Home Journal, December 1955. Image credit: sugarpie honeybunch

A pillow

The gift the entire family lusts after.

pilllow-adLadies’ Home Journal, December 1952. Image credit: sugarpie honeybunch

An electric range

This is what mother REALLY wants.

electric-range-adHotpoint All-White Automatic Electric Range ad, 1920s. Image credit: bayswater97

A Toaster

Only for the romantic at heart.

toaster adImage credit: Jon Williamson

A Vacuum Cleaner

And you thought a toaster was romantic!

vaccum cleaner adImage credit: Jon Williamson


The best gift ever: beautifully wrapped cancer sticks.

cigarette-ad.JPGSent via email by Linda Abbit of Tender Loving Elder Care



perfect-christmas-giftImage credit: Jon Williamson

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