Good Looking People

by MomGrind

Apparently, some good looking people are only willing to date other good looking people.


You’ve got to see this: a website,, with the highly intelligent tagline “a good looking people community,” where you can search for people based solely on how they look.

Because obviously looks are the most important thing in a person, and if you’re good-looking, there’s no way you’d want to date someone who’s not.

One of the site’s most useful features is a tool that allows you to search for people based on how others have rated their looks. Ratings include: “stunning,” “good looking,” “looks nice,” “looks OK,” “not much,” “ugly,” and “horrifying.” Yes, there are a couple of people in the “horrifying” category.

Thankfully, it looks like the site is not doing too well in terms of traffic. Maybe people are not THAT shallow after all.

Comment of the day: “At least they’re all in one place, kinda like a zoo.” Writer Dad.

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