Lipodissolve Nightmare

by MomGrind

woman-looking-in-mirror2“Lipodissolve has ruined my life. I am embarrassed to say, I have fallen victim to media images of the perfect body. Last year I made the fatal decision to have a cosmetic procedure done to my body.

I opted for the Lipo dissolve procedure. This is a series of injections to your unsightly parts. I picked my stomach and love handles. I was skinny my entire life, but after I had my kids, my middle needed a little help. The rest of me was fine.

On my first visit, I had only my stomach injected. It was 10 needles loaded with a special ingredient. I looked 7 months pregnant for about 2 weeks. I was told the swelling would subside in 2-5 days.

A month later, when I went for the second set of Lipodissolve injections, they injected my stomach and my love handles. Because I was still swollen from the first set of injections, I asked the attendant if they thought it would be a good idea to continue with the injections. They saw no problem in going ahead and injecting me.

My life has been a complete nightmare ever since that day. I have had emergency surgery to remove my gal bladder. I spent at least 6 months of the last year and a half throwing up. I was diagnosed with advanced degenerate disk disease in my back. Since the second set of Lipo dissolve injections, I have been in a daily turmoil of pain and discomfort.

A year and a half after the first procedure, the “special ingredient” they loaded into my body is still in my body! I have nodules in both my sides. For a period of time, it was uncomfortable to wear pants around my waist. I always know when my menstrual cycle is about to begin. I can feel it in my hips. The nodules will begin to hurt to the touch.

I just never know what the fat eating “special ingredient” will eat next. It appears to be partial to everything in my body, expect the FAT!

It is hard to believe that a smart woman like myself has allowed the beauty industry to get into her head. I never did anything over the top when it came to trying to make myself more beautiful. I pluck my own eyebrows, I do my own nails. The one thing I did do, didn’t work out so well. I will forever be swollen.

Yes, a year and a half after the first set of injections, I am still swollen.”

This sad account of a Lipo dissolve procedure gone wrong was originally posted as a comment to my article on Women And Body Image.

Comment of the day: “Oh boy, I have been down this road. I wrote about it here: Why You Shouldn’t Get Liposuction.” Hayden Tompkins of Through The Illusion.

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