Weird Ads

by MomGrind

When I was younger, I wanted to be many things. One of them: an ad executive. I ended up being a lawyer (and hating it), then a blogger for hire. I’m not sure if I should regret the career I never had in advertising, though. Being creative under crazy deadlines and constant pressure is tough.

Judging from the following weird ads, sometimes it’s so tough, that the results are, to put it mildly, bizarre.


1. Scotch Hair Set Tape

Image credit: sugarpie honeycomb. 1970.


2. Hair Dryer For The Bald

Image credit: sugarpie honeybunch. 1972.


3. Physical Violence Is A Great Way To Sell Cigarettes

cigarette-adImage credit: jbcurio. 1975.


4. Bewitched Hairspray

Image Credit: sugarpie honeybunch. 1965.


5. This kid scares the hell out of me

ginger-ale-adImage credit: bayswater97. 1930s.


6. Is That His Mom? She Scares Me Too

meat-adImage credit: Marcoa84


7. Baby-Approved Cigarettes

cigarette-ad-with-baby1Image credit: bayswater97


8. Eat Eat EAT! And Always Stay Thin With jar-packed sanitized tape worms

tape-worms-adImage credit: 1vintage1


9. This Ad Is Especially Appetizing

Image credit: sixtiesbooks


10. Drink Your Yeast! Yum

drink-your-yeastImage credit: Sugarpie Honeybunch

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