A Rose Garden

by MomGrind

Every year in May, around the same time, our garden fills with colorful roses.



There’s something comforting and reassuring about things that happen, predictably and without fail, every year. Just like traditions, they have a way of anchoring our lives, of being a constant in an ever-changing, fast-paced reality.



There’s also something unsettling, maybe even a little upsetting, in realizing that another year has already gone by, especially since the older you get, the faster time seems to go by.



For a blogger, it’s always interesting to write about the same topic year after year, then compare old posts to new ones. My rose post from last year is quite similar to this one, except that I got myself a better camera a few months ago.



Other old posts, such as this post for International Women’s Day 2008, which is very different than my post for International Women’s Day 2009, make me cringe and think I have come a long way as a blogger.



Cringing when reading old posts is actually a good thing. It means you’re growing and developing as a blogger and as a writer.


Yellow roses are still my favorite flower. 🙂


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