Low Rise Jeans: Hate Them? Love Them?

by MomGrind

Low rise jeans have been all the rage during the past few years. Thankfully, the trend seems to be cooling off.

While a moderate low rise is fine, the fashion trend of wearing tight, extremely low-slung jeans, has been subjecting innocent citizens to the following unfortunate looks for too many years now:

1. Visible Butt Cracks

butt-crackPhoto credit: tandabat42

butt-crackPhoto credit: Malingering

2. Thong Underwear Peeking

whale-tailPhoto credit: Malingering

3. Giant male underwear peeking

low-rise-jeansPhoto credit: lobstar

4. Muffin Tops

muffin-topPhoto credit: Malingering

5. Hairy Bellies, EWWW

hairy-bellyPhoto credit: Malingering

I do own several pairs of moderately low rise jeans. I wear them with a belt, so as not to subject others to things they really shouldn’t be subjected to:


Recently, however, I bought a pair of higher-rise jeans, and I must say low-rise jeans do have one big advantage over higher-rise jeans: they don’t put pressure on your tummy after you’ve eaten!

I went to the movies with my higher-rise jeans, and after eating a bag of popcorn (the bag marked as “Small” but that’s small in American standards, which is really quite large), I felt really uncomfortable! I’ve been wearing lower-rise jeans for so long that I forgot how it feels to wear pants that actually cover most of your tummy.

So there. Low rise jeans are not all bad.

Still, I’m grateful that the extremely low-cut version seems to be a thing of the past now. We can all sigh a collective sigh of relief. On to the next stupid fashion trend.

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