Sin City Pictures

by MomGrind

I took these Sin City pictures during my last visit to Vegas. Looking at them makes me a little sad.

You see, I used to love Vegas.

I always thought Las Vegas was a great place because of the high energy, the glitz, the tackiness that is so loud and in-your-face, it somehow turns into something pulled together and very stylish.

I’m not sure what happened, but on my last visit to Sin City, a few weeks ago, I decided that I don’t really like Vegas at all. Perhaps it was the heat – we arrived during a heat wave that brought the temperatures to a sweltering 110 degrees.

Or maybe it was my feminism. I had a very hard time watching all the women displaying their bodies in very short, very tight, very revealing outfits while the men, fully dressed, were ogling them and pretty much treating them as pieces of meat.

One evening in particular, as we were entering the hotel, there were several groups of scantily clad women and fully clothed men. The men were looking at the women with those terrible eyes that view women not as people but as objects; the heat was unbearable; people were carrying drinks while walking around; everyone was really loud; and all I wanted to do was go hide in my hotel room.

And don’t get me started on the gambling and on how awful it is to see a hollow-eyed 70 year old woman wasting her life savings away at the Blackjack table.

Interestingly, as we were walking along The Strip one evening on our way to a Jay Leno performance (he was excellent, by the way), we came across a group of religious activists that were trying really hard to get the attention of the sinners around them, without much success. The contrast between the loud, cheerful, drunk party goers surrounded by neon signs featuring half-naked women, and the solemn activists, was quite striking.


Sin City pictures – the nakedness:







Sin City pictures – the warnings:






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