Stop Showing Me Your Post Baby Body!

by MomGrind


Actress Milla Jovovich is featured on the September issue of Maxim, wearing very little, of course. The actress announced that she wanted to do the Maxim photo shoot specifically to “show off” her post-baby body and that she wanted to give the readers exactly what they wanted – seeing as much of her body as possible.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of celebrities showing off their post-baby bodies. I can’t even begin to imagine the emotional damage these images are causing to new moms, and the pressure they put on them to lose weight and to go back to looking like they did pre-baby, even though they are now busy mothers, and most likely cannot afford a personal trainer and a chef.

In her defense, Ms. Jovovich gave birth 20 months ago, which makes a real, lasting weight loss more likely – and doable. Celebrity moms often tend to “show off” their skinny post-baby body just weeks after their baby was born.

PS. No, it’s not jealousy. My own post-baby body is fabulous, thank you very much. I really am concerned about the pressure this type of media coverage is putting on women in general, and on moms in particular.

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