Weird Toys: Pole Dancer Doll

by MomGrind

Reader and friend Dan Miller of Artiphys tipped me off this morning to a somewhat weird toy for little girls.

While the USB Pole Dancer is marketed as “the perfect gift for a friend in the office, a bachelor’s party gag or the gadget loving guy”:



The Pole Dancer Doll is apparently marketed to kids and, I must admit, is fairly innocent-looking:



Assuming this doll is for real, it raises some interesting questions. No doubt, pole dancing is no longer just a sleazy-strip-club thing. It is marketed more and more as a highly effective, and legitimate, exercise routine for women.

However, even when it’s promoted as a fitness program, the sexual aspects are still there: pole dancing is considered a “feminine,” “sexually empowering” workout.

How does all this fit into a toy for children? I’m not sure. But if this doll is for real, I can tell you right here and now that I have absolutely no plans of adding it to this year’s holiday shopping list.

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