Patrick Swayze Can Finally Rest in Peace

by MomGrind

210247289_a06a2724cd_mPatrick Swayze died today.

I couldn’t stand the way tabloids and magazines showed photos of him over the last few months. Recent photos of the sick Patrick Swayze, battling pancreatic cancer, sunken faced and hollow eyed. Next to them, photos from his Dirty Dancing days, young and strong and vibrant and on top of the world.

Every time I stood at the supermarket checkout line, I would turn away from those photos, and wish that the media would JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE. But they didn’t, just like they didn’t leave Farrah Fawcett alone, just like they wouldn’t leave any of them alone.

Just like vultures, circling around the almost-dead, waiting patiently.

And social media wasn’t much better – rumors about Patrick Swayze’s death started circulating on Twitter long before he passed away.

Some argue that celebrities must accept this treatment by the media – that their fame and fortune must come at a price, and a big part of that price is loss of privacy. Perhaps they have a point. I still cringe whenever I see the typical media coverage of struggling celebrities – whether they struggle with illness, with weight gain, or with other personal issues such as betrayal or divorce.

Patrick Swayze cannot be hurt by the media anymore. May he rest in peace.

Photo by Alan Light

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