Twitter Is A Free Advertising Tool

by Vered DeLeeuw

Mashable today mentions new research that shows about 20% of all tweets mention products and brands, which makes them, essentially, free brand advertising.

Tweets that mention products can be positive (“I love my new gadget”) or negative (“food at that restaurant was horrible”), but researchers say a large number of the product mentions were actually positive.

Some tweets include questions about products, which means that if you periodically search for your product’s name, or for the type of service you provide, on Twitter Search, you can reach out to customers and to potential customers in real time and answer their questions or address their issues.

When a business reaches out to a customer via social media, the story tends to become highly viral, which means you get even more free exposure.

While personal use of Twitter is always fun, businesses should use this vibrant micro-blogging platform for brand awareness, brand recognition and to strengthen customer relationships.

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