Control a Woman Remote Control

by MomGrind


From the product description on Amazon:

“How many hours have you spent puzzling over the mystery of the wonder that is women? Now you need waste no more time understanding the strange phenomenon of the female species when you can control them, and all from the comfort of your arm chair.

Such life essentials as beer, sex and food are all available at a touch of the button. Not forgetting the all important mute button, because if she looks good why ruin it with those pesky opinions.

Our Control-a-woman is a truly life-enhancing gift, if only it worked. No batteries required – powered by positive thinking!”

Yes, it really does say that, right there in black and white on the Amazon page. And no, I don’t care if this is “just a joke” and I am in no way going to “lighten up” and laugh about it.

In contrast, the Amazon page for “Control a Man” remote does not feature insulting promotional text, and if you think it makes things “equal,” think again: while the “Control a Woman” remote is aimed at making a woman serve you, have sex with you and shut up, the “Control a Man” remote is aimed at making him propose, talk about his feelings, and buy you chocolate and flowers. This is easily one of the most stereotypical, gag-inducing products I have ever seen.


One of the things that bothers me the most about humans, after their inherent cruelty, is the “gender wars.” It bothers me because I don’t see why we can’t see beyond each other’s sex and focus on each other’s humanity. The “female species?” How about the “human species.” We are not that different and as I said before on this blog, women are no mystery. The answer to the question “what do women want” is quite simple actually. We want exactly what men want. We want justice, equality and respect.

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