Outrageous Photoshopping

by MomGrind

Today, I am full of hope. More and more, the media – even mainstream media – is picking up stories about outrageous photoshopping, about fashion images who were so heavily manipulated that they present a disturbingly distorted, unrealistic image of the female body.

The more widespread criticism of these images becomes, the easier it will be for me, when my kids become teens (one of them is a pre-teen, and yes, she’s already worried about her weight), to place such images in the right context – not as something to aspire to and emulate, but as something to ridicule and laugh at.

If we keep doing such a good job of pointing at such images and criticizing them without worrying about outrageous attempts at shutting us up through legal threats, maybe – just maybe – the fashion industry will finally start changing.

Ralph Lauren’s apology is certainly a step in the right direction, although allegedly firing model Filippa Hamilton for being too heavy is not. I am looking forward to seeing less hatred of women and more acceptance of the natural female form, with all its different shapes and sizes and ages, in the fashion industry. It might take several more years, but after seeing how widespread this recent media backlash has been, I am feeling truly hopeful – for the first time since I started writing this blog.

PS. Thank you to reader Barbara Swafford who offers useful blogging tips on her blog “Blogging without a Blog,” and to Linda Abbit, who writes about elder care, for emailing me with this story.

Loved this Comment: “Great photoshopping job, guys. Especially the woman on the right. Lookit the size of her HEAD compared to the body. (Snicker). Not to mention her arm length and size of her hands, compared to her hips. (Ring! Ring!). Hey, that was ET just calling. HE wants his body back.” Friar, The Deep Friar.

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