Five Stupid Beauty Trends

by MomGrind

After writing last week about stupid fashion trends, it occurred to me that during recent years, we’ve seen several beauty trends that were/ are just as stupid. Here are five of them:

Trout Pout

Trout Pout

This beauty trend is about filling one’s upper lips to the brim with collagen, or whatever it is they use to augment lips these days. Meg Ryan is one of the celebrities who are most often criticized for her “fish lips.” The photo above provides a perfect example of what seems to be an overzealous “lip work.”

Huge, Round, Hard Breast Implants on a Tiny Frame

Victoria BeckhamPhoto by Tawny Rockerazzi

Victoria Beckham used to look like she had a set but has apparently removed them since.

Injecting One’s Face with a Potent Toxin in Order to Look Younger

The photos above are from a clinic in Vancouver. The younger-looking twin on the left has been receiving the toxin for 13 years, which results in an unnatural, frozen, but admittedly younger look.

Applying a Potent Medicine to One’s Eyelashes in Order to Make them Longer

eyelashesPhoto by pasukaru76

Drugs authorities in Britain have expressed concerns about the increasing use of Lumigan as a cosmetic treatment after it was found to stimulate eyelash growth. Women are using the drug for cosmetic purposes despite possible side effects, including gradual darkening of the iris and of the skin surrounding the eyes, redness of the eyes and itchiness.

Hand Deveining

Old HandsPhoto by hweiling

So you made your face look artificially younger, but your hands tell the tale of your real age? Worry not. Neil Sadick, a clinical professor of dermatology in a private practice in Manhattan, developed a laser procedure to get rid of hand veins that, according to him, aren’t all that important. You can also inject cosmetic fillers into your hands to make them look more plump.

To quote Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want”: Women are insane.

Loved this Comment: “I plan on aging with a woman’s body, a face that moves and a sexiness that only comes with having confidence and knowing who you are. Helen Mirren is the role model I’ll be working off, not Melanie Griffith. Anyone care to join me?” Kelly of SHE-POWER.

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