Former Miss Argentina Dies After Cosmetic Surgery

by MomGrind

Solange MagnanoFormer Miss Argentina Solange Magnano wanted a firmer butt and ended up dead after complications from plastic surgery.

Her exact cause of death is still under investigation, so it’s unclear whether it was just bad luck (a certain percent of cosmetic surgeries does lead to death- just do a Google search for “plastic surgery deaths”) or if there was any form of malpractice involved.

Ms. Magnano, who was the mother of 7 year old twins, is not the only person to have ever died of plastic surgery complications, of course. I think the media is having a little fun with the fact that it was buttocks surgery. How unfortunate, to always be remembered as the person who died after having elective butt surgery.

Although deaths following plastic surgery are relatively rare, my humble opinion is that death from cosmetic surgery is never acceptable.

Since the risk apparently can’t be completely eliminated, even if you go to a board certified, reputable doctor (surgery is surgery, after all), each person who elects to undergo cosmetic surgery needs to decide if the improvement in their appearance, and in their quality of life following the surgery is worth the risk – however small – of serious complications and of death.

My heart goes out to Ms. Magnano’s children.


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