“I Don’t Do SEO”

by Vered DeLeeuw

I remember reading with great interest an interview with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, posted a couple of months ago on ProBlogger, where he basically says to not bother with SEO and that instead we should strive to create useful content that people would want to bookmark on social media and link to.

Another interesting example of a celebrity blogger who doesn’t bother with SEO is of course mommy blogger Dooce. None of her posts are optimized, but one of the posts that I vividly remember is “Adventures with Roberta” which, from an SEO point of view, should have been titled “Skin Cancer Scare” or something like that.

Obviously, when you are able to create highly useful or highly entertaining content, on-page optimization of post titles, title tags and URLs is less important. But the thing is, what happens on those celebrity blogs is still SEO – perhaps not intentional SEO, but on-page optimization is only a small part of search engine optimization. In fact, the optimization these celebrity bloggers are getting from their fans, especially inbound links, is far more powerful as far as Google is concerned than any on-page optimization.

For those of us who are not celebrity bloggers, on-page optimization remains an important part of getting found on the Web. We should obviously strive to write useful, engaging content that people would link to and bookmark. But since optimizing web sites and blog posts is fairly simple, on-page optimization should definitely be the first step for any non-celebrity blog or website.

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