Using Twitter for Customer Service

by Vered DeLeeuw

One of the best uses of Twitter for businesses, small or big, is to monitor what their customers are saying about them and to respond immediately.

In fact, Twitter enables people to connect with brands on an unprecedented level and to have their problems solved in a way that traditional customer service is unable to provide, especially with so many customer service departments being outsourced these days which unfortunately results in communication problems and in BAD customer service.

Case in point: one of my clients, Dimensional Research, is a market research firm that specializes in technology market research. One of the tools they use for their online surveys is Zoomerang.

Frustrated with one of the Zoomerang software features, my client tweeted, “Please stop promoting your ‘getting started’ classes to power users every time we log on! Add a ‘don’t show me again'”

To which Zoomerang promptly replied, “Will pass along to our team. Thank you for the heads up!”

Of course, there’s no guarantee that anything will come out of these tweets. But the Internet is filled with countless examples of unhappy customers who complained via Twitter, giving companies the opportunity to reach out immediately and make things right – better yet, appear publicly as a caring company that provides excellent customer service.

Of course, when I complained on Twitter about my terrible customer service experience with Travelocity, whom I never plan on doing business with again, the company never bothered to acknowledge my tweets.

Which makes me think that if a company doesn’t care about its customers, then social media won’t change that – it’s the companies who care that can leverage Twitter to improve their customer service even more and outdo the competition.

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