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I woke up to a sunny morning and noticed that the trees in our front yard have started blooming, which immediately put me in a great mood for the rest of the day. So I darted out, still in my pajamas, to take these photos. It’s OK – the neighbors are mostly used to it by now.

When I was a child, my favorite season was winter. I was a quiet child, a classic introvert, and used to love standing at the window, looking at the rain falling down and making up stories in my head. When it snowed (which was rare in Jerusalem of my childhood but sometimes happened), I was even happier: looking at the snowflakes falling down from the sky was the most amazing thing. I loved the way they appeared dark against the sky, but light against the ground. How I prayed that they would stick and that we would get a snow day!

Now that I’m older, I dislike winter. I find the cold, wet weather limiting and depressing. I much prefer warmth, and I especially love spring – it’s my favorite season now and it never fails to bring with it excitement and hope. I mean, how can anyone not love spring? It’s the most wondrous season, filled with so much promise. An annual proof that life goes on, that whatever shriveled and died during the dry summer and the cold winter will always be replaced by something new and young and beautiful.

To me, spring, more than any other season, symbolizes the circle of life – or at least the good part of it. The birth part.

I can’t wait for my roses to start blooming again.

PS. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. 🙂

Spring 2010


Spring flower

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