THIS Is Why I Persist With Feminist Blogging

by MomGrind

victorias secret model
The ideal woman? Young, thin, large breasted, and dumb looking

“For years, I was the primary candidate to fall slave to what society thinks beauty is or what a woman should be. Before I knew it I was 26 years old, 85 lbs with a fake tan, bleached blond hair, and a botched boob job.

No matter what I did, I was still not good enough. I was dating a plastic surgeon who wanted to botox, collagen, inflate, and lypo any inch of me he could put his injected, manicured hands on. I just couldn’t keep up anymore.

That’s when I found the blog world and a new venture towards learning to nurture myself and my soul. Dr. Dickhead was gone and I found a new knight in shining armor… myself.

I also found your blog. You helped me understand so much about how ludicrous our culture can be towards women, ideas of beauty and standards at which we must live by to feel successful or accomplished. All of a sudden, a new light was shed on the slights and tricks the media plays on us. Suddenly, I felt significantly more “normal” because I was seeing that the ideals and standards were never real. Before, I wasn’t aware of simple things like photo shopping and the sexism so many publications partake in.

I deeply appreciate your attention to these and so many more issues. You’ve personally helped me overcome a significant lack of confidence and pride in who I am. I still have a little ways to go, however, I draw inspiration from women like you daily and have come so far!”

Lindsay Copeland

Letter and identifying information published with permission from Lindsay.

Photo by Beyrouth

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