I Saw The Rose. And I Smiled.

by MomGrind

As I stood there in the kitchen, next to the sink, washing dishes, I glanced outside to the backyard. I was frowning, becuase a stray cat has been using our backyard as its litter box lately, and I find the need to clean after it extremely annoying.

And then I saw it: a rose in full bloom, white and pristine and beautiful. And I smiled, becuase after a dreary winter, how can you not smile when you see something finally blooming in what is otherwise a rather grayish yard, still not fully recovered from the winter.

white rose

Of course, as I grabbed my camera and ran outside to share this miracle with you, I found another rose, a pink rose, also in full bloom and so very pretty:

pink rose

The yellow roses, my favorites, are still sleepy… they are taking their time. I think I will get to enjoy them in May.

yellow rose

Then, a disturbing thought: could this be my THIRD “my roses are blooming” blog post on this blog? Why yes it is. Maybe I should stop harassing you with these posts, but how could I? Year after year, as my roses start to bloom, it feels like a miracle, all over again.

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