Should You Have A Facebook Page?

by Vered DeLeeuw

It depends.

Facebook pages are not as easy to grow as Twitter accounts, where you can actively follow people you’re interested in. Because there’s no way to reach out directly to people beyond those already on your network and invite them to join the page, many Facebook pages end up as no more than a place for the company employees to hang out – and even they don’t always show interest in doing so.

It goes without saying that your Facebook page should be interesting, vibrant and add value beyond your website or other social media activities such as Twitter. It’s also important to remember that Facebook is not an appropriate medium for all companies. It is perfect for companies who sell consumer products, but B2B companies should probably focus on LinkedIn and on Twitter instead.

Assuming you do have a Facebook page and would like to grow it, here are a few tips for getting more Facebook fans:

1. Promote your Facebook page in other places. You should have a prominent link to your Facebook page on your website’s homepage, and you should also promote it periodically on Twitter.

2. Create unique content. The content on your Facebook page should be somewhat different than the content on your Twitter page. If all you do is post to Facebook the same links you post on Twitter, people won’t have much of an incentive to join.

3. Hold a contest. A great Facebook-only content can be holding a contest. For example, ask customers to post photos of themselves using your product, and promise a gift card to the winner.

4. Pledge to make a donation for each new Facebook fan you get. Promote the pledge on Twitter and on your website.

5. Be helpful. Kim Woodbridge, for example, a great WordPress and Facebook consultant, has a vibrant Facebook page with lots of fans. Looking at her page, I can see why – it’s not only well designed, but she also uses it to generously answer people’s questions about WordPress and Facebook.

If you can’t be helpful, you might want to be entertaining – people like to be entertained.

6. Promote your Facebook page offline, like this church in rural Minnesota did. Another example – A recent TV commercial for Marshall’s ends with “Visit us on Facebook for a chance to win a $5000 designer wardrobe.”

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