What Was Your Worst Haircut Ever?

by MomGrind

Bad haircut

I’m sitting at the hair salon, getting my hair trimmed. It took me many years to realize that the most I can trust a hair stylist with is a 1-inch trim and a blow dry. No layering, no experimenting. I’m too much of a control freak and hair stylists seem to have the universal tendency to want to experiment and show clients that they know better. Well, they don’t.

So I’m sitting there, and a woman walks into the hair salon. She’s about 50, has short blond hair, and looks terrified. She asks one of the hairstylists if he’s experienced. He tells her he is, and then she goes on to tell him, “I wanted a haircut a few months ago. So I went to a hair salon, and I told the stylist that I wanted to cut 1 inch off. He then proceeded to cut all my hair off, leaving me with a very cropped style, around 1 inch long!”

We all gasped and looked at her in disbelief – I mean, wouldn’t you notice that your hairstylist was chopping off way too much and stop him? But then I thought, no one could possibly make up such a story, and it’s quite possible that when she had noticed what was happening, it was too late to back off.

Which got me thinking. What was your worst haircut experience ever? I’m sure you have one – we all do.

Looking forward to reading your story. I will share mine later, in the comments section.

Photo by Kevin McGrew

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