Social Media is a Game

by Vered DeLeeuw

“Like it or not, social media is – in part – a competition. It’s a game… The only way to get recognized in the social cloud is to have more friends, more influence, more followers, more badges, more everything.” (Mashable)

It’s true – social media is in part a game, and I very much dislike that aspect of social media. The desire to have more of everything is very distracting. It distracts users from the true purpose of social media, which is networking and connecting. Above all, it creates ridiculous phenomenons such as the ability to buy Twitter followers, or those social media accounts with thousands of followers that are in fact worthless, becuase what is the point of having lots of followers if they don’t listen to you?

I also dislike the numbers game, which I am reluctantly forced to play – the endless balancing of the number of people I follow and the number of people who follow me back. I do this for my clients’ accounts too. I remember discussions in the distant past about Twitter removing the followers count altogether. I wish they had done that, but perfectly understand that it is highly unlikely that they ever will.

I don’t like numbers games and I don’t like the competition aspect of social media. I view it as a waste of time and energy. I’ve said it many times before: a lean social media account that has hand-picked relevant and engaged followers is much more powerful than an inflated account filled with fake followers.

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