Summertime Guilty Pleasure

by MomGrind

marshmallow sandwich

Playing on the idea of grilled cheese sandwiches, I occasionally make grilled marshmallow sandwiches for breakfast, especially during summer break or on the weekend, when the guilt is less intense because at least the poor kids don’t have to go to school and attempt to concentrate on their studies with all this sugar floating in their veins.

I use frozen, sliced white bread, spread one slice of each sandwich with unsalted butter, place them on a warm skillet, butter side down, generously spread tiny marshmallows to cover each slice, then place an unbuttered slice of bread on top of each sandwich and press it down with a spatula or a heavy pot.

Marshmallow Toast

After about 2 minutes, when the bread is golden brown, I spread butter on the top slices, carefully flip the sandwiches with a spatula, and brown the other side for 1 more minute.

Generously dust with powdered sugar for a sweet, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth, healthy (wink wink) breakfast.

I know that some like to make these with chocolate and peanut butter too, for a truly rich treat, but that would be too heavy for breakfast, plus then you wouldn’t really taste the marshmallow – it would just add chewiness. We like to taste the delicate sweetness of the marshmallow.

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