My Post on Christina Hendricks? I Take it Back

by MomGrind

Ann Taylor Photoshopping

These are images of before-and-after photoshopping, taken from the Ann Taylor website. Apparently, the “before” was published by mistake.

I’m looking at what was done here, and I’m thinking back to my recent rant about the “new female ideal,” and you know what? I take it back.

I still hope we will one day get to see all kinds of women gracing catalogs and magazines, that one day many types of figures and complexions and ages will be acceptable and considered beautiful – but until that day arrives, if I must choose between these two images as a role model for my pre-teen daughters:

ann taylor airbrushingChristina Hendricks

Then I’m choosing the woman who looks as if she’s alive, eating and BREATHING.

Photo credit: watchwithkristin

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