Is it OK To Post Business Stuff on Your Personal Facebook Account?

by Vered DeLeeuw

Kevin Cimring of Jemstep recently posted to his personal Facebook account a link to a Jemstep blog post, and explained, “I don’t usually update my facebook status with my work related stuff at Jemstep, but this new blog post by my colleagues is excellent!”

Which got me thinking. Is it OK to mix business and pleasure on Facebook? Those of us who own businesses tend to mix the two all the time – when you have a business you live and breathe the business, and even if legally speaking the business is a separate entity, emotionally you definitely don’t feel as if it is. Your business is often a part of you.

So it’s very natural for a business owner to post work-related stuff to her personal accounts in addition to personal postings.

Is it bad manners to do so?

I’m not sure. When I write a new blog post, either for my own blog or for a client, how can I NOT post it to my Facebook account? It seems so natural to do so. My work is an extension of who I am. It reflects my thoughts, observation, questions. I want people to read my words, dammit!

I also think there’s a big difference between always promoting your business, and having a mix of posts, some personal sharing, some self promoting and some promoting and supporting others.

Twitter is very different in that respect – the busy nature of the medium means that you can tweet whatever you want to, and people can choose to read or ignore. People dip in and out of Twitter all the time, skimming the latest tweets. They can also unfollow you if you’re really annoying, or use Twitter Lists to only follow tweets by people they actually like.

But the same can be done on Facebook – you can always unfriend someone, and if that seems extreme, you can choose to hide their postings so that you don’t ever see them.

What do you think? Is it bad online manners to promote your business on your personal Facebook account?

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