Small Town America: Could You Live There?

by MomGrind

I grew up in a big city, moved away from home to live in an even bigger city, and am now living in a small (population 60,000) but very urban city, about 30 miles from San Francisco.

So I am definitely a city girl, and even though I love experiencing nature, rural areas and small towns when we travel, I don’t think I could be happy living in a small town.

So on one of our recent trips, after we had finished laughing at the name of this town:


And were shocked at the population of this one:


I became curious, and wanted to ask you – how do you feel about this choice? I know that many people love the feel of a small town where everyone knows each other, and so many have had amazing childhoods growing up in a farm, unlike my childhood, a latchkey child, scared out of my mind while waiting for my mom to come back home from work.

So, when I feel that I “need” everything that a city has to offer, is it just habit? Can we be happy in a setting that’s very different than how we grew up? Will you share your perspective with me? Do you live in a city, in a town, in a rural area? Are you happy about your choice?

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