Personally? I Find Fall Depressing

by MomGrind

red leaves

Winter can be magnificent and powerful. Summer is fun. And spring – my favorite season – always fills me with excitement and with a sense of renewal.

Fall? Not so much. I’m sure many of you love fall – it’s a season of bounty, of giving thanks and of slowly going back inside after a long, hot summer. But fall, to me, is a little depressing. Its colors are boring! Summer is bright yellow and blue. Spring is green and pink and red and a thousand other colors. Winter is pure and frosty and white.

But fall? Fall is brown. And gray. It feels to me like an end, not so much a beginning, and I don’t particularly like the in-between weather.

However, there’s nothing depressing about this beautiful tree, right next to our house.

tree in fall

I am such a city person that I have absolutely no idea what kind of a tree it is (if you do know, please tell me!), but it never ceases to amaze me and always catches me by surprise. One moment it’s just a boring tree, the next – in the spring – it is adorned with these beautiful, large pink flowers.

spring flowers

The same thing happens in the fall. Just a few days ago, we were standing right next to it, me busy getting stuff out of the car, my kids doing what kids do – jumping around – when my daughter suddenly told me, “Look how beautiful the tree is, mom. It’s all RED!”

And I stopped my busyness for a moment, looked at the tree, and smiled.

And then I wondered. What if I didn’t have a child? Would I have even noticed this beauty? I sure hope so. It scares me to think I wouldn’t have seen these colors. It’s so GROWNUP, isn’t it, to be so busy doing all this STUFF that we grownups do, that you don’t even take the time to look around and see the really important things. The beauty. It’s the part of being a grownup that I really dislike.

What’s your favorite season?

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