Twitter: Aim For A Good Mix of Professional and Personal

by Vered DeLeeuw

My favorite Twitter accounts are those that have a good mix of professional and personal tweets. Sure, some brands, especially in the B2B space, feel very strongly about keeping their Twitter account “clean” of personal tweets, and that’s a legitimate approach. But the very best Twitter accounts are those that mix personal and professional, links with observations, jokes (tasteful only) with facts and statistics.

This Twitter account by Miranda Marquit, an awesome colleague and a very talented blogger, who focuses mostly on
personal finance blogging, is a great example. What others need to work on seems to come naturally to Miranda – she tweets lots of links and info, but pauses once in a while for a personal reflection or story. I love it.

But can a company do the same? Yes, of course. For a consumer oriented company, this is a no-brainer. Tone should be fun and conversational anyway. Adding the occasional personal story and signing with the name of the person who tweeted it adds a lot of personality and humanizes the account.

A B2B company should be more careful, but even for such a company, the occasional personal story or observation, signed with a person’s name, can add an important personal dimension to an otherwise flat account.

Needless to say, dirty jokes, profanity, or anything that might be deemed as offensive by anyone, do not belong on a corporate Twitter account.

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