30 Fashion Lies We Tell Ourselves – Or Choose To Believe

by MomGrind

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1. This garment is “One Size Fits All,” it will absolutely fit you.

2. Don’t worry if it’s too big, it will shrink after you wash it.

3. Don’t worry if it’s too small, it will stretch with wearing.

4. It’s OK to take a different size than the one you need if you really like the item and the store doesn’t carry your size

5. These high heel shoes will feel REALLY comfortable if you wear them with inserts.

6. Cool colors, warm colors? Doesn’t matter. If you like a piece of clothing, forget about the color and whether it flatters your skin tone and just get it.

7. It washes beautifully, no shrinkage, no loss of color. You’ll wear it for YEARS.

8. No, it’s not see-through at all.

9. Go for it! Why not? There’s no such thing as age-appropriate anymore. You and your teenage daughter can totally share clothes.

10. It’s 2 sizes too small but I KNOW I’ll lose the weight someday. I’m keeping this dress in my closet!

11. It’s OK to wear these 5-inch heels. I won’t do much walking tonight anyway.

12. It’s OK to wear 5-inch heels if the heel is chunky.

13. Black looks great on everyone, always.

14. If it’s on sale, I should get it.

15. If it’s a hot trend, I should get it.

16. If my friends are wearing it, I should wear it too.

17. I’m overweight, I’d better stick with loose clothes.

18. If it looks good on the celebrity in the photo, it will look good on me.

19. You can never be too thin. The thinner you are, the better clothes will look on you.

20. If it’s by a designer, it will look fabulous.

21. One must suffer in order to look good.

22. Designer clothes are always worth the high price tag.

23. You can’t look good unless you spend a lot on fashion.

24. Fifties-inspired, “Mad Men” style, ultra-tight clothing are comfortable, thanks to modern fabrics.

25. I absolutely have to have this, I don’t care how much it costs.

26. Skinny jeans look amazing on everyone.

27. Low-rise jeans that show off you butt crack when you sit down are not tacky. They’re HOT.

28. These high-waist jeans don’t make your butt look huge.

29. Super-distressed, torn jeans are SO COOL.

30. No, honey, these pants don’t make you look fat.

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