No Poo? No Thanks. Or: How I Went 10 Days Without Shampooing

by MomGrind

no pooIt’s a growing trend: women who won’t use traditional shampoo to clean their hair, opting instead for various “no-poo” or “low-poo” options (yes, the names of these alternative products are unfortunate indeed).

The idea behind the “no poo” movement is that traditional shampoos may strip your hair from natural oils and leave it dry and brittle. Instead of using what is essentially soap to clean your hair (even if the soap is specifically formulated for hair), you should use gentler, more natural ingredients.

As a friend recently told me, “When I shampoo, I strip my hair from its natural oils. Instead of being soft and shiny, it becomes dry. I then have to use hair products, including a conditioner, masks and oils to bring it back into life. But these products weigh on my hair and force me to shampoo daily, stripping my hair even more. It’s a vicious cycle.”

This particular friend has ditched regular shampoo almost a year ago, and has never looked back. She reports that her hair is softer and smoother than ever, and she relies less on heat styling and on hair products.

My own hair is thick and frizzy. I can’t stand the way it looks in its natural state and rely on a flat iron to make it smooth and eliminate frizz. So I decided to give the no-poo (can’t say this with a straight face) trend a try. I recently went 10 days without shampooing. I washed my hair in lukewarm water every other day, gently massaging my scalp with a baking soda solution (recommended by my friend), and waited for the magic to happen.

Alas, it didn’t happen for me. After the first week, my hair felt greasy and my scalp started itching. I hated the way it felt, but kept going for a few more days, because my friend had insisted that I just needed to wean my hair off shampoo. She said that if I stuck with the new routine long enough, my hair would achieve its “happy place” and I would never ever need shampoo again!

I couldn’t do it. On the tenth day, feeling intense guilt and remorse, I quietly hopped into the shower, shampooed TWICE, conditioned my hair, and heat styled it. At the end of the familiar ritual, I smiled. My hair felt clean, smooth and fragrant, and the stubborn itch on my scalp had disappeared.

No poo? No thanks.

My friend says I’m addicted to shampoo. I think I can live with that.

Loved this Comment: “You reminded me of a scene from The Lonely Guy, with Steve Martin. I think they were talking about hair loss. They wondered how come so many bums on the street have so much hair. They figured it was because they didn’t wash it all the time, so the hair just stayed in.” J.D. Meier, Sources of Insight.

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