25 Beauty Lies We Tell Ourselves (Or Choose To Believe)

by MomGrind

Too Much Makeup 1. Tanned skin is healthy and beautiful.

2. I can fake great skin with makeup.

3. Anyone can pull off bright red lipstick. It’s a classic.

4. OMG I will never look as bad/wrinkled as she does when I am her age!

5. I will be young forever. Aging happens to other people.

6. It’s OK to forget to remove your makeup before going to bed.

7. 40 is the new 30.

8. I blended the foundation so well, no one can even tell I’m wearing it.

9. No one notices my gray roots. I can wait another week before I color.

10. Plastic surgery/ Botox/ Liposuction will make me feel better about myself and solve my social problems and self esteem issues.

11. If a little perfume smells good, a lot of perfume will smell great.

12. I can go one more day before washing my hair.

13. I can go one more week before getting a trim.

14. I can trust women’s magazines to give me the best, most up-to-date beauty advice.

15. A little mascara looks good, a lot of mascara will look great!

16. You can’t look good if you’re over 40. Beauty is all about youth.

17. You can’t have long hair if you’re over 40.

18. You should always dress according to your age.

19. If you allow your hair to go gray, it means you’re letting yourself go.

20. I don’t have to use sunscreen every day. Only in the summer and when I plan to spend time in the sun.

21. Beauty sleep? That’s ridiculous. I don’t need more than 5 hours of sleep per night.

22. Only skinny women are attractive to men.

23. Only women with an hourglass figure are attractive to men.

24. Only women with large breasts are attractive to men.

25. Everyone around here is blond, skinny, tanned and has large boobs. I have to look like them or I’ll never be able to fit in.

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