The Connection Between Search and Social Media

by Vered DeLeeuw

I recently discussed Google Adwords performance with a client. I don’t manage their Google Ads – they do it in-house. But when possible, I like to stay updated on all aspects of a client’s marketing efforts. Anyway, this client told me that the more he examines his Google Ads conversion rates, the more he’s convinced of the power of social media – he has found that those who land on his site after searching for the brand convert much better than those who land on the site after searching for related keywords.

This is not exactly a surprise, of course. While SEO efforts to capture keyword searches are very important, as is crafting high quality Google Ads, social media activities are firmly tied with search and with Google Ads results, because it creates market awareness, which results in higher conversion rates. Obviously, those who search for the specific brand are more receptive to its ads and are more likely to click through to its website, than those searching for general, if related, keywords.

When it comes to promoting your brand on the Web, search engine optimization, Search engine marketing and social media all work together to create awareness and demand, and to bring people to your website. First, your social media efforts create awareness – and then the people who want to dig deeper, learn more about what you offer, maybe even make a purchase – search for your brand on Google.

In fact, one of the best ways to measure social media success is to check Google Analytics for growth in search volume for your brand on Google. Typically, once you start your social media campaign, you should see a definite upward trend in the number of searches for your brand, which demonstrates an improvement in market awareness.

Indeed, a recent study found that consumers who engage with brands on social media sites show significantly higher propensity to subsequently search for those brands, and to click on their ads.

Social media is newer than search engine optimization and search engine marketing, but it is not a separate tool. Rather, social media marketing joins older online marketing methods to help your site get found on the Web.

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