Should You Follow Someone on Twitter if they Never Follow Back?

by Vered DeLeeuw

What’s the point of following someone on Twitter if they decidedly don’t follow back? Not just you – they don’t follow back anyone, as a matter of principal. Would you follow someone like that? Should you?

It depends. What are you trying to get out of Twitter? If you’re looking for information about someone that interests you, and that person chooses to only broadcast information on Twitter rather than communicate and interact, then by all means, follow them. Following them will give you information and insight into that person. You could try to get their attention by retweeting their stuff or asking them questions.

If you view Twitter as a tool for making connections with others in your field, staying in touch and exchanging ideas, then it probably doesn’t make sense to follow someone who does not follow back, although, if they respond to questions and to retweets, there IS a connection there.

Are the people who follow no one back terrible people, so vain and full of themselves that they don’t want to listen to anyone – just talk? Hardly. I suspect that most of them simply prefer to connect and interact via other mediums. They view Twitter as a tool for sharing their insights – not for talking with others.

They also save a lot of time. If you decide that you are not going to follow anyone, you avoid a lot of tedious Twitter-induced work – checking who followed you and deciding if you are going to follow back, finding relevant people to follow and following them. And in a way you’re being fair – you follow no one, unlike some celebs who only follow other celebs, for example.

On my personal Twitter account, I only follow those who follow back, because I view it as a tool for a two-way conversation. But for my clients, I do not rule out following a prominent individual in their field who does not follow back.

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