What Makes You Like/Unlike a Brand on Facebook?

by Vered DeLeeuw

I’ve been reading a lot recently about what causes fans to like or to unlike a brand on Facebook. I must admit that as a consumer, I don’t really like brands on Facebook. I like many pages on Facebook, but I do that as part of my work – liking a page enables me to tag them when I post for my clients, so I tend to like major brands relevant to my clients.

But personally, as a consumer, I don’t. I know that users “like” brands when they have a strong incentive to like them – usually a gift or a coupon code, although sometimes simply loving a brand in real life makes people like them on FB too.

Even when I do like brands, I confess that I normally hide their updates from showing on my Facebook news feed. I simply don’t feel the need to have a “conversation” with a paid social media person!

Having said that, through my clients I see that many people do like brands on facebook and do interact with them. Curious to know what my own Facebook friends think about the topic, I posted the following question:

“What makes you like a brand’s Facebook page? What makes you “unlike” it?”

I only got a few responses, which shows the topic is not that interesting for most not-doing-social-media-for-a-living folks. But the responses were interesting.

Nurit: I “Like” a biz/brand if I want to know more about what they’re doing. Haven’t “Unliked” a FB so far (but maybe that’s because I don’t spend much time here). I do consider sometimes to unlike/unfriend someone if they take too much space on the wall 🙂 If they are too chatty, you know…

Mike: I have yet to “like” any brand. It would have to be a real exception as I don’t want commercial information showing up on “my” FB feed nor am I really interested in other peoples comments on “brands.” I understand the desire for business…es to tap into social media, but, for me, it would be an unwanted intrusion. After we bought our new car, I did look at the Honda facebook page, but soon decided it wasn’t for me. I suspect that there is a good percentage of users that would feel the same way as I do.

Dorothy: When I “like” something commercial, I immediately disable all the messages. That way I can like what I want. I don’t tend to buy brands, though; I buy generic a lot. I like a brand when it’s exceptional. I haven’t unliked any.

Cath: I usually “like” brands, if they’re a brand I already know and love. Also, I tend to take notice of brands recommended by friends. I would unlike a brand if their posts were spammy, or uninteresting. Too many posts would also be off-putting, if they were posting several times a day.

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